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  • Le centre est ouvert du lundi au vendredi 9 h du matin et 16 heures pour les urgences et les rendez-vous SEULEMENT. • Le centre est ouvert du lundi au vendredi de 9 heures 16 heures SOLO pour les urgences et les rendez-vous. • Vous pouvez trouver des réponses aux questions fréquemment posées au sujet Covid-19 ici.

    Last updated 4-1-20


    What are the hours of operations in the coming days for Building One Community?

    The center is open from Mon-Fri 9 a.m.- 4 p.m. for emergencies and appointments ONLY.

    We are encouraging social distancing and following strict guidelines in regards to cleaning and sanitizing.

    Programs and events canceled?

    Yes, all programs and events are canceled until further notice. We are working to reschedule and to keep everyone up to date with the latest news and essential information. Our Immigration Legal Service, Family Services, POWER, and Workforce Development teams are in direct contact with program participants to monitor needs and offer support. Please check our social media and website for continued updates.

    Who may we contact for additional information from B1C?

    Most of our staff will be working remotely and can be reached by email. Depending on the department, we have different protocols. Please see below:

    • Volunteer Information - [email protected]
      All in-person volunteer work at B1C is canceled until further notice. If you are interested in helping in other ways, please contact our volunteer department. We will be updating you on opportunities to support the immigrant community in different ways.
      Thank you to all who already donated through our Amazon wish list. We are distributing these essential household items daily to our vulnerable population.
    • ELL Information - [email protected]
      All inhouse programs are temporarily canceled.
      We have started a pilot program for ELL online classes and are currently training some volunteers and students to connect online.
      To all our program participants we suggest that you use the following FREE Apps to continue to learn and practice - Learn to Speak English, Speaking English Practice, English Listening & Quiz et English Vocabulary Practice. To all our program volunteers, please see the section below on how you can continue to help.
    • Family & Individual Service Information - 203.832.0755 or [email protected]
      We understand that our program participants may need more help now than ever before. For the safety of everyone, we will only offer a limited amount of consultations by either telecommunication or phone calls. We are working hard to provide program participants with updates and resources. An emergency relief fund has been established to be distributed to families in need. We have also established an Amazon Wish List in order to be able to provide participants with cleaning and living essentials.
    • POWER Information - 203.550.1559 or [email protected]
      All scheduled POWER meetings will continue to meet via phone and video conferencing. Parents will receive instructions on how to meet using their phones and computers. Asamblea meeting 3/31 is canceled.
    • Immigration Legal Services - 203.674.8585 ext. 109 or [email protected]
      We continue to work on existing client cases, and we are holding telephone and videoconference consultations. All in-person consultations through April 30 are being rescheduled. Please contact [email protected] to begin a consultation request. For emergency immigration legal issues, call 203.391.4084.
    • Workforce Development – For the Hiring Site please contact 203.252.7044 or [email protected] and for Skills Development & Outreach please contact [email protected] or 475.333.9216.
      At this time, many of our programs are running remotely in a different format (either by phone or by video conferencing). We are keeping program participants informed through WhatsApp. We are also actively trying to find ways to promote indirect jobs in the community that can benefit our day workers while social distancing.


    Hundreds of our local immigrant families are facing a chaotic and stressful time. Many have been living paycheck-to-paycheck and do not have savings or support systems to help them. We are working around the clock to organize food distribution, collaborating with city officials to help uninsured immigrants if they become sick, keeping our building open for day workers, offering urgent care management and referrals, and providing video and immigration legal phone consultations to those in need. We hope you will support our efforts to work together not to let our community down when they need us the most.

    How can YOU support us?

    • Amazon Wish List - Join us in our efforts to complete our list to help program participants obtain essential, necessary items such as detergent, soap, diapers & baby wipes, and more. Click here to get started.

    Please note that we cannot accept any physical dropoffs of food donations at B1C. Therefore, we have put together an Amazon Wish List instead.

    • Financial Contributions to Support All Our Work - Please consider a donation to support our efforts. We are ready to take all necessary actions to help our community. We have already established an immediate relief fund to help those affected by COVID-19. We will continue to take action and be more diligent than ever before. Donate today!
    • Hire a Day Worker - COVID-19 is impacting our community's day workers tremendously. They rely on jobs to feed their families and cover necessary healthcare costs. If you have any jobs that do not require direct contact (for example, backyard clean up, outside painting etc.), please consider reaching out to us so that we can refer you to day workers. We will even help transport workers to you. Or perhaps you have other ways that you would like to support these workers. Please contact [email protected], if you would like to help.
    • Continuing Education Outside of B1C
      We know how dedicated our ELL volunteers are to teaching our participants English. Many have reached out to us to see if they can continue teaching outside of B1C during this time. We cannot release names and emails without prior authorization due to confidentiality and privacy laws. We are creating a process to be able to connect students and teachers remotely while respecting privacy. If you have any issues or questions, please contact Suzanne at [email protected].


    How can I stay up to date with announcements and important information from B1C?

    Please make sure to follow us on all social media outlets, check our website, and sign up for our newsletter. We will continue to use these three communication vehicles to distribute information.

    Recent Updates?

    March 13th - Espanol & Anglais Coronavirus Protocol & Update

    March 11th - Espanol & Anglais Volunteer Note


    Important Community Phone Number and Resources:
    Stamford Health COVID-19 hotline at 203.276.4111, 7 days a week, from 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m

    If you feel sick, you should call the Stamford Health Hotline. PLEASE DO NOT GO DIRECTLY TO THE HOSPITAL OR AN URGENT CARE.

    We recommend to check the following links for more information:

    A BIG thank you for staying informed, supporting B1C, and for continuing to wash your hands!

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