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Last updated 10-14-21


What are the current hours of operations for Building One Community?

B1C is open to the public: Monday - Thursday from 8 AM to 7 PM; Friday and Saturday from 8 AM to 6 PM; Sunday from 8 AM to 4 PM.

Nous suivons les directives strictes du CDC pour le nettoyage et l'assainissement.

B1C Statement Regarding Covid-19 Protocols

In accordance with public health guidance, B1C strongly encourages the community to receive an FDA-approved Covid-19 vaccine, unless advised otherwise by a health care provider.

As of November 15, 2021, B1C will require all B1C employees to receive a full set of Covid-19 vaccines or be subject to weekly testing.
We are also asking that all B1C volunteers working at our physical facility be fully vaccinated by November 15, 2021. Volunteers may choose to volunteer remotely if they are not vaccinated.
We strongly encourage all participants and B1C visitors to receive Covid-19 vaccinations.

To ensure everyone's safety, we are still requiring that staff and visitors wear masks indoors at B1C and follow social distancing when possible. Please refrain from asking others about their vaccination status or plans, as some people might have medical considerations that they don't wish to share.

Les programmes et événements sont-ils annulés?

At the beginning of the pandemic, most of our onsite programs moved online. Over time we offered limited in-person programming a a small number of people for whom internet connectivity was a special challenge. This summer and fall, as conditions have improved, we have again expanded our in-person offerings modestly. We will continue to monitor pandemic conditions with an eye toward further on-site expansion where it can be done avec the highest standards of safety for everyone. Please check our social media and website for updates.

Qui pouvons-nous contacter pour obtenir des informations supplémentaires sur B1C?

Veuillez contacter nos zones de programme par téléphone ou par e-mail.

  • Informations sur les bénévoles - [email protected]
    If you are interested in helping out, please contact our volunteer department.
  • ELL Information - 203.883.2098 ou [email protected]
    Nous n'offrons actuellement que de petits cours, socialement distanciés, sur place.
    Our online ELL program is in full swing. Please reach out if you would like to participate.
    To all our English language learners, we suggest that you use the following FREE Apps to continue to learn and practice - Apprendre à parler l'anglais, Pratique de l'anglais, Écoute et Quiz en anglais, et Pratique du vocabulaire anglais. À tous nos bénévoles du programme, veuillez consulter la section ci-dessous pour savoir comment vous pouvez continuer à aider.
  • Family & Individual Services Information - 475.419.5340, 203.832.0755 or 203.883.2065 ou [email protected].
    We understand that our program participants may need more help now than ever before.
    For the safety of everyone, we are offering consultations by telecommunication, phone calls, and in-person on Tuesdays and Thursdays by appointment ONLY. We are working hard to provide program participants with updates and resources.
    We are administering two assistance funds for local residents: À État rental assistance program, and an independent private fund for emergency situations.
    In the educational realm, our successful Homework Club has moved online. Our hands-on STEAM program, taught in collaboration with the Bruce Museum, is taught onsite.
  • Informations sur l'alimentation - 203.550.1559 ou [email protected]
    Toutes les réunions POWER prévues continueront de se réunir par téléphone et par vidéoconférence. Les parents recevront des instructions sur la façon de se rencontrer en utilisant leurs téléphones et ordinateurs.
    In addition, we have launched a successful Homework Club online to help children with online learning.
  • Immigration Legal Services - 203.674.8585 ext. 109, 203.391.408 or [email protected]
    We are scheduling telephone and Zoom consultations on all immigration-related issues, and we continue to work on cases with new and existing clients. We offer a free Virtual Q&A with an Immigration Attorney once a month to answer your questions via Zoom that is open to all. Please contact [email protected] pour demander une consultation ou plus d'informations. Pour les problèmes juridiques d'immigration d'urgence, appelez 203.391.4084.
  • Développement de la main-d'œuvre - Pour le site d'embauche, veuillez contacter le 203.252.7044 ou [email protected] et pour le développement des compétences et la sensibilisation, veuillez contacter [email protected] ou 475.333.9216.
    À l'heure actuelle, bon nombre de nos programmes s'exécutent à distance à quelques exceptions près sur site. Nous tenons les participants au programme informés via WhatsApp. Nous essayons également activement de trouver des moyens de promouvoir les emplois indirects dans la communauté qui peuvent profiter à nos travailleurs de jour tout en prenant de la distance sociale.


Hundreds of our local immigrant families are facing a chaotic and stressful time. Many have been living paycheck-to-paycheck and do not have savings or support systems to help them. We hope you will support our efforts to work together not to let our community down when they need us the most.

Comment pouvez-vous nous soutenir?

Please note that we cannot accept any physical drop-offs of food donations at B1C. We are currently collecting Winter Essentials through an Amazon Wish List.

  • Contributions financières pour soutenir tout notre travail - Veuillez considérer un don pour soutenir nos efforts. We are ready to take all necessary actions to help our community. We have also launched a COVID-19 Response Fund, which is currently supporting the community through a rental relief program. Please join us in supporting our efforts. Faites un don aujourd'hui!
  • Embaucher un travailleur de jour - COVID-19 is impacting our community's day workers tremendously. They rely on jobs to feed their families and cover necessary healthcare costs. If you have any jobs that do not require direct contact (for example, backyard clean-up, outside painting, etc.), please consider reaching out to us so that we can refer you to day workers. We will help organize transportation. Or perhaps you have other ways that you would like to support these workers. Please contact [email protected], si vous souhaitez aider.
  • Etre un Volontaire – If you’d like to find out about our current volunteer opportunities s’il vous plaît contact béné[email protected].


Comment puis-je rester à jour avec les annonces et les informations importantes de B1C?

Please make sure to follow us on all social media outlets linked at the top and bottom of this page, check our website, and inscrivez-vous à notre newsletter. Nous continuerons d'utiliser ces trois véhicules de communication pour diffuser des informations.


Numéro de téléphone et ressources communautaires importants:

Stamford Health COVID-19 hotline au 203.276.4111, 7 jours sur 7, de 7h00 à 19h00

Please click here to be connected to the latest updates from the City of Stamford. Here you can find out information regarding the latest COVID-19 testing sites.

Click here to view our comprehensive COVID-19 Safety booklet.

If you feel sick, you should call the Stamford Health Hotline or make an appointment to get tested for COVID-19. Click here for updated locations.

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Un GRAND merci de rester informé et de soutenir B1C.

Building One Community est un 501 (c) (3) organisme sans but lucratif. Les cotisations qu'on recoit sont déductibles d'impôts dans la mesure permise par la loi.

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