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  • The center is open from Mon-Fri 9 a.m.- 4 p.m. for emergencies and appointments ONLY. • El centro está abierto de lunes a viernes de 9 a.m. a 4 p.m. SOLO para emergencias y citas. • You can find answers to frequently asked questions regarding Covid-19 here.


    In 2011, we opened our doors to become a welcoming point of entry for newcomers from all parts of the world. Immigrants who relied on a patchwork of services in a system that didn’t fully understand their needs – and those who went without any help at all – discovered a place that we created with them in mind. Since then, thousands of Stamford-area immigrants and non-immigrants have come together to build one stronger community.

    We were founded as an affiliate of Neighbors Link Network, a Westchester-based organization focused on immigrant needs. After the expiration of our 5-year affiliate agreement, we rebranded as Building One Community (B1C), a name that captures the heart of our mission to advance the successful integration of immigrants and their families.


    Our dedicated employees and Board members along with hundreds of committed volunteers are the people who “make it happen” at Building One Community.  They are the essence of the services we provide and the immigrants we support.



    Executive Director:
    Anka Badurina, PhD
    (203) 674-8585 ext. 104
    [email protected]

    Deputy Director:
    Don Strait
    (203) 674-8585 ext. 106
    [email protected]

    Development Director:
    Christa Chu
    (203) 674-8585 ext. 105
    [email protected]

    Communications Director:
    Suzanne Wind
    (203) 674-8585 ext. 136
    [email protected]

    Events & Communications Manager:
    Melanie Hernandez
    (203) 674-8585 ext. 108
    [email protected]

    Family & Individual Services Director:
    Jennifer Wiesner
    O: (203) 674-8585 ext. 122
    C: (203) 883-2065
    [email protected]

    Family and Individual Services Case Manager:
    Olga Lopez
    O: (203) 674-8585 ext. 134
    C: (475) 419-5340
    [email protected]

    Parent Organizing Director:
    Lorely Peche
    O: (203) 674-8585 ext. 119
    [email protected]

    Parent Organizer:
    Jennifer Gomez
    O: (203) 674-8585 ext. 121
    C: (203) 883-2093
    [email protected]

    Parent Organizer:
    Lesley Ulloa
    O: (203) 674-8585 ext. 135
    C: (203) 550-1559
    [email protected]

    Immigration Legal Services Director:
    Adriana Podesta, Esq.
    (203) 674-8585 ext. 112
    [email protected]

    Immigration Legal Services Senior Program Manager:
    Dan Wilson
    O: (203) 674-8585 ext. 139
    C: (203) 391-4084
    [email protected]

    Immigration Legal Services
    Justice Fellow:

    Emilie Raber, Esq.
    (203) 674-8585 ext. 129
    [email protected]

    Legal Administrative Assistant:
    Jenny Ramirez
    O: (203) 674-8585 ext. 115
    C: (203) 391-4084
    [email protected]

    Workforce Development Director:
    Ivonne Zucco
    (203) 674-8585 ext. 116
    [email protected]

    Outreach Coordinator:
    Alejandra Gomez
    O: (203) 674-8585 ext. 123
    C: (475) 333-9216
    [email protected]

    Workers' Coordinator:
    Daniel DeAndrade
    O: (203) 674-8585 ext. 102
    C: (203) 252-7044
    [email protected]

    ELL Manager:
    Suzanne Vega
    O: (203) 674-8585 ext. 103
    C: (203) 883-2098
    [email protected]

    Volunteer Manager:
    Margarita Zimmerman
    (203) 674-8585 ext. 120
    [email protected]

    Data & Cloud Systems Manager:
    Pia Roeser
    (203) 674-8585 ext. 113
    [email protected]

    IT Specialist:
    Miguel Carnero
    (203) 674-8585 ext. 138
    [email protected]

    Office Manager:
    Lupita Figueroa
    (203) 674-8585 ext. 117
    [email protected]

    Facilities Coordinators:
    Fernando Castellanos,
    Leonel Restrepo,
    (203) 674-8585 ext. 110

    Child Care Coordinator:
    Ana Ruales
    Carmen Rodriguez
    (203) 674-8585 ext. 111

    Yenny Rodriguez
    (203) 674-8585

    Board of Directors

    • Anne Downey, Chair
    • Douglas Penn, Vice Chair
    • Eleanor Riemer, Secretary
    • The Rev. Edward Pardoe, Treasurer

    • The Rev. Jean-Luc Charles
    • David Cohen
    • The Rev. Tommie Jackson
    • Laura Jordan
    • Bruce Koe*
    • Robie Livingstone
    • Dr. Tamu Lucero
    • Mary Maarbjerg*
    • Cathy Ostuw*
    • Arisleyda Riehl
    • Patrick de Saint-Aignan
    • Maria Sandoval
    • Mary Sommer
    • Aleksandr Troyb
    • Arthur Wit
    • Jose Luis Zepeda

    • William Malpica, Esq., Pro-Bono Counsel

    Past Board Members

    • Jeannette Ayerza
    • Ana Maria Badash*
    • Bia Bettamio
    • Beatrice Chodosh*
    • Angeles Dam
    • Melanie Danisi
    • Carmen Domonkos
    • Ginny Fox
    • Sarita Hanley*
    • Ellen Isidro
    • Maryann Kann
    • Earl Kim
    • Peter Krane*
    • Hana Lane
    • Rev. Mark Lingle*
    • Mary Luvera
    • Eilish Main
    • Eva Maldonado*
    • Alex Martinez
    • Mike Meyer*
    • Ted Michelfelder
    • Caroline Murray*
    • Rev. Juan David Paniagua*
    • Diane Rosenthal*
    • David Smith*
    • Mirellise Vazquez
    • Kathleen Walsh*
    • Ximena Velasquez

    *Founding Board Members


    We are currently looking for a

    Workforce Development Director

    Program Director,
    Immigration Removal Defense

    Family & Individual Services Director

    Evening Custodian

    Operations Assistant

    To apply for this position, please submit a cover letter and resume to [email protected]. No telephone calls, please.

    Building One Community is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

    Stay in touch:

    Follow us on social media or sign up for our newsletters.

    Building One Community is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

    Stay in touch:

    Follow us on social media or sign up for our newsletters.

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