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  • B1C se ouvè a piblik la: Lendi-Jedi 8-6 pm Frid 8-3 pm ak Samdi ak Dimanch 8-4 pm. • B1C ouvri pou piblik la: Lendi a Jedi de 8 a 6 pm, Vandredi de 8 a 3 pm ak samdi ak dimanch de 8 a 4 pm. • Ou ka jwenn repons a kesyon moun poze souvan konsènan Covid-19 isit la.

    Ki se "bati youn COMMUNITY - Sant pou IMIGRAN OPPORTUNITY"?

    Nan 2011, nou louvri pòt nou yo vin yon pwen akeyan nan antre pou fèk vini soti nan tout pati nan mond lan. Imigran ki konte sou yon bigare nan sèvis nan yon sistèm ki pa t 'konprann konplètman bezwen yo - ak tout moun ki te ale san yo pa nenpòt ki ede nan tout - dekouvri yon kote ki nou te kreye avèk yo nan tèt li. Depi lè sa a, dè milye de imigran Stamford-zòn ak moun ki pa imigran te vini ansanm yo bati yon kominote pi fò.

    Nou te fonde kòm yon afilyasyon de Vwazen Link Rezo, yon òganizasyon Westchester ki baze sou konsantre sou bezwen imigran. Apre dat ekspirasyon an nan akò afilye 5-ane nou yo, nou rebranded kòm Building Youn Kominote (B1C), yon non ki kaptire kè a nan misyon nou avanse entegrasyon an siksè nan imigran ak fanmi yo.

    • 2010

      Planning & Research Set Priorities

      Driven by passion and determination, the founders come together to understand immigrants' needs in Stamford, CT. They conduct significant research and partner outreach and identify the building at 75 Selleck Street.

    • 2011

      Neighbors Link @ 75 Selleck, Stamford, CT Launches!

      Over 200 community members join the celebration! Our earliest programs are all volunteer-led, focused on high priorities identified by immigrant community members during our planning. Programs encompass flexible English Language Learning classes, resume help, hiring site, computer training, plus more.

    • 2012

      New Strategic Plan Steers Our Expansion

      Together with our board, we create our first strategic plan. Significantly expanding our programs and partners, we serve almost 1,200 participants.

    • 2013

      Rapid Participant Growth Continues

      Over 1,000 new students join, +24% versus the prior year, and successful workers center placement grow +30%. Among many "firsts", we launch free tax preparation services and our annual breakfast. We also deepen our relationships with Stamford Public Schools.

    • 2014

      Measuring Outcomes & Impacts of Programming

      We launch satisfaction measures to ensure program effectiveness is evaluated. New Drive Only License Program with the DMV is a game-changer, helping hundreds of immigrants gain access to driver's licenses and improving public safety!

    • 2015

      Win Neighbors Builder Award

      Bank of America recognizes us with the prestigious Neighbors Builder Award. Anka Badurina, our current Executive Director, joins the team to develop and direct our skills development program. Hundreds of community members come together to paint the joyous mural featured in our center. Our program helps 2,300+ participants.

    • 2016

      Rebranding & Introducing B1C

      We end our affiliation with Neighbors Link and launch as Building Youn Kominote. We successfully expand to meet community needs, launching certificate-based, skill-building programs with multiple tracks. Our new Parent Organizing Program (POWER) ensures that schools meet the needs of immigrants. B1C supports 2,500 participants from 56 countries.

    • 2017

      Focus on Immigration Legal Services and POWER

      We hire an expert immigration attorney to support legal assistance. We accelerate our parent organizing group, POWER, to empower parents to gain attention and support at the Stamford Public Schools.

    • 2018

      Launch Immigrant Community Needs Assessment (ICNA)

      By understanding local needs and determining how to meet those needs through existing and new services, B1C is strongly prepared to shape our future programming and strategic plans. We serve 3,387 active program participants from 71 countries.

    • 2019

      Serving our 10,000th Participant!

      We expand our center and open a new satellite office on Stamford's east side. Offering a range of crucial services that Educate, Employ, pèmèt, ak angaje immigrants, we support over 10,400 participants from 102 countries.

    • 2020

      Pivot with Purpose

      Thanks to the strength and generosity of our incredible community, B1C nimbly pivots in response to the unexpected upheaval of COVID-19. We adapt our programs to support people online and create new emergency assistance programs. B1C supports over 11,500 participants from 106 countries.

    • 2021

      Racial Equity. COVID-19 Relief. Programs & Services Address a New Norm

      We are happy to report that we’ve reached nearly $1.2 million in passthrough or directed aid since the beginning of the pandemic, thanks to our donors and to partners like 4-CT, the State Rental Relief Program, and United Way of Western CT.

      Looking ahead, B1C is excited to begin to reach more immigrants than ever before. We are grateful to our hundreds of partners, volunteers, and donors throughout Fairfield County.

      Join us - together we strive to advance the successful integration of immigrants and their families.

    Building One Community se yon 501 (c) (3) òganizasyon san bi likratif. Kontribisyon yo franchiz taks nan limit ki otorize pa lalwa.

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    Swiv nou sou medya sosyal oswa si ou siyen moute pou bilten nou an.

    Building One Community se yon 501 (c) (3) òganizasyon san bi likratif. Kontribisyon yo franchiz taks nan limit ki otorize pa lalwa.

    Kenbe kontak:

    Swiv nou sou medya sosyal oswa si ou siyen moute pou bilten nou an.

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