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    Many of the hundreds of people we serve have been living paycheck to paycheck, with jobs such as cleaners, childcare providers, restaurant workers, and landscapers. Now their hours have been cut or, worse, their jobs are gone. Since many do not have personal savings and aren't able to navigate the city's social services without our help, they face a chaotic and stressful time. We won’t leave them stranded. We’re working around the clock to help our vulnerable community.

    Please support their efforts and ours by donating to B1C’s COVID-19 RESPONSE FUND.

    Your donation will allow us to continue operations through the end of the year
    and will enable us to:

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    • Organize distributions of grocery store gift cards and rental assistance to families struggling with unemployment. 
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    • Connect English Language Learning students and teachers virtually and physically in small groups

    • Offer learning support for school-aged children and bridge the digital opportunity gap.

    • Advance immigration legal consultations by phone, video and safe in-person visits

    • Provide urgent case management for people without health insurance or a financial safety net. 

    Grab and Go
    • Serve as a pickup site for partner-prepared Grab and Go meals for children who rely on school-provided food

    Over the years, B1C has built up trust within the community; we have been immigrants’ go-to place in times of personal crisis. As this crisis hits everyone, they need us even more. We are responding. In the days ahead, as events unfold, B1C will continue to adapt to help immigrants thrive. 

    We are one community. We will not let them down, and with your help, we will continue to build one strong community for all. 

    Take good care of yourself – and others – during these tough times. Thank you for your support. 

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    A special thanks to our early Benefit Breakfast supporters


    Diamond Sponsors:

    Sarita & Greg Hanley

    Bruce & Linda Koe

    The Inisfad Foundation

    The Walter Kann Foundation

    Platinum Sponsors:

    Jane Carlin & Benjamin Gifford

    Anne Downey & Ken Wiegand

    Pitney Bowes

    Christian Reynolds

    Stamford Health

    Arthur Wit

    Gold Sponsors:

    David & Rochelle Charnin

    Catalina & Ivan Horak

    Hana and John Lane

    The Rev. Ted Pardoe

    Mirellise Vazquez & Thomas Birmingham

    Sterling Silver Sponsors:

    Maryann Kann & George Cooke

    Mary Maarbjerg

    Sarah & Jose Luis Zepeda

    Chrome Sponsors:

    Wendy & Jason Block

    David & Andrea Cohen

    Mark & Angeles Dam

    Fox & Fox LLP

    Nicole Heath

    Bob & Lisa Schultz

    Bronze Sponsors:

    Benjamin, Gold & Troyb, P.C.

    Peter B. Cannell & Co., Inc.

    Carmody Torrance Sandak & Hennessey LLP

    Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Danisi

    Dr. Tamu Lucero

    Mr. & Mrs. James E. Lutton

    Arisleyda Riehl

    Everett Schenk

    Kathleen & Michael Walsh

    Ellen Williams

    Building One Community is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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