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    Nov 21 2016

    Vecinos enlace Hub ofrece a la comunidad inmigrante en Stamford

    Stamford Daily Voice November 21, 2016 By Sandra Diamond Fox STAMFORD, Conn. — Do you need help with your computer skills? Are you interested in improving your English? Have you found a social network to connect with others? Neighbors Link Stamford offers help with all of these services and more — and for free — to immigrants. “Our purpose is…
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    Nov 18 2016

    Foro de inmigrantes Stamford grupo anfitriones por delante de la Presidencia de Trump

    Stamford Advocate November 18, 2016 By Liz Skalka STAMFORD — A meeting hosted by a city nonprofit to ease fears within the immigrant community in the wake of Donald Trump’s election to the U.S. presidency drew a large crowd on Monday. The meeting included representatives from the Stamford Police Department, Schools Superintendent Earl Kim and…
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    Nov 15 2016

    Immigrants In Stamford Share Post-Election Fears Of Hostility, Deportation

    Stamford Daily Voice November 15, 2016 By Frank MacEachern STAMFORD, Conn. — Local immigrants who are worried about what the election of Republican Donald Trump could mean to them and their families gathered Monday night in Stamford to talk about the issue and hear what local leaders had to say. About 200 people crowded into Neighbors…
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    Nov 11 2016

    Inmigrantes, independientemente de su situación, temen una presidencia Trump

    Stamford Advocate November 11, 2016 By Liz Skalka STAMFORD — Wendy Cardenas has worried about her citizenship status since before she could work or drive a car — since before she could decide on her own where to live. “It’s a fear we live with every day,” she said. “It’s not something that happened because of…
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    Triunfo victoria chispas preocupación por las minorías de Stamford

    Stamford Advocate November 10, 2016 Catalina was interviewed by the Stamford Advocate after the election results were in. “People are just coming in with really long faces, teary-eyed, asking what’s going to happen,” said Catalina Horak, executive director of Neighbor’s Link, a Stamford organization that provides resources to immigrants. Families are scared, she said. “This…
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    Ago 31 2016

    Los campistas tener consejero de adolescentes especiales

    Stamford Advocate August 31, 2016 By Nelson Oliveira STAMFORD — Over its five-year history in the city, Neighbors Link Stamford has had the help of dozens of young, and even teenage, volun- teers — but none of them like Austin Pager. Students and their parents who had signed them up for an academic summer camp…
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