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Dear Friends,

We want to take the time to thank all those who were able to join us on September 9th for our 6th Annual Colloquium featuring Allen Orr, Jr, Douglas Penn, and Lucas Codognolla. They tackled many complex topics around immigration including sharing what is happening at the border today, the challenges immigrants face every day with current immigration laws, what we can do to help, and much more!

If you weren’t able to attend the Colloquium, here is your chance to catch up!
Enjoy this special recording at your leisure, which also includes an introduction from Anka Badurina, our Executive Director.

We would also like to extend another big thank you to all of our sponsors and partners who made this event possible.

Thank you again for your partnership in building one diverse, integrated, and inclusive community!

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A special thanks to our Underwriting Sponsors:

SARITA & Greg Hanley

Fondasyon Inisfad la

Bruce & Linda ko

Sipòtè Evènman:

Maria & Oscar Sandoval

Andrea & David Cohen

Anne Downey & Ken Wiegand

Fox & Fox LLP

Maryann Kann & George Cooke

Hana & Jan Lane

Bob Noonan

Mirellise Vazquez & Thomas Birmingham

Arthur & Leigh Wit

Ana Beatriz Bettamio

Amy & Aldo Cabrera

Mr. & Mrs. Jude Coard

Eilish Collins Main

Andrew & Paula Hanson

Belle Horwitz and Jon Weiner, Temple Beth El

Mark Lingle & Marnie Sadlowsky

Mari Maarbjerg

Members Credit Union

Caroline & Tony Murray

Cathy & Rich Ostuw

Rev. Ted Pardoe

Jill & Miguel Patricio

Biwo lalwa nan Douglas R. Penn, LLC

Meredith & Eric Reuben

Arisleyda Riehl

Anthony Simari

Roberto Sobrino & Anka Badurina

Mary Sommer

Kathleen & Michael Walsh

Jose Luis Zepeda & Sara

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