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Trump victory sparks concern for Stamford minorities

Stamford Advocate

November 10, 2016

Catalina was interviewed by the Stamford Advocate after the election results were in.

“People are just coming in with really long faces, teary-eyed, asking what’s going to happen,” said Catalina Horak, executive director of Neighbor’s Link, a Stamford organization that provides resources to immigrants.

Families are scared, she said.

“This is a very real issue in this community,” she said. “It doesn’t get more real than this.”

After Trump’s win, Horak said her first email was to Superintendent of Schools Earl Kim. She also called Mayor David Martin’s office and the Stamford Police Department.

“Our message is that more than ever as a community we need to come together and exhibit compassion and treat each other with respect,” Horak said.

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