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Long-Term Positive Effects of Flexible Partnerships

B1C Steam-48

By Corinne Flax

Funding is a pressing issue for any non-profit organization. The history of how the B1C and Bruce partnership was funded is an example of the creative and flexible thinking necessary for a long-term partnership. Initially, the Bruce paid for the programs being held at B1C and used internal funds for the annual field trip. In the second year of the partnership, B1C and the Bruce applied for a grant from Generation Innovation and were awarded funding for the afterschool STEAM Club. This funding stretched into the third year of the partnership due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As the partnership has entered its fourth year, B1C has taken over fiscal responsibility, having written the STEAM Club into its annual budget. Although both organizations continue to look for future sources of funding, it is confidence-inspiring to know that both members equally value the partnership.

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