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Building One Community's Worker Center is a referral service for Skilled Workers and General Laborers. Here, you can hire skilled workers for daily employment.

Why hire workers at Building One Community? Hiring people off the street is risky for employers and employees alike. Since the beginning, the dream of Building One Community has been to offer all people a chance to meet their human potential. That’s why we emphasize education, employment and empowerment. To this end, the Worker Center provides shelter from the rain and cold, productive socialization, job training and skill enhancement, restrooms and refreshments, translators for job opportunities, and morning English classes during hiring site hours. These popular classes are 2 hours long, but teachers and students are glad to interrupt the class when homeowners and contractors stop by to offer a job.

Workers need to be paid at the end of every day unless trustworthy arrangements have been made in advance. This is because a few employers “scam” workers. The term refers to the practice of hiring workers off the street, delaying compensation until tomorrow… but after several days or weeks, leaving the worker without pay.

Employers often hire workers for painting, landscaping, construction, masonry, moving, housekeeping, party help and elder care. As a referral service, we do not accept fees. The goal of the Worker Center is to help facilitate productive work experiences for employers and employees alike.

If you want to request a worker for a particular job, please go to the Hire a Worker tab.

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