Culinary Program

NLS Culinary Prep-9

The B1C Culinary Program prepares students for long-term careers in the food and hospitality industries. They learn soft/employability skills and applied hard skills, with apprenticeship training that connects them with local restaurants and food prep facilities. The program teaches students the skills that help them get hired and - just as importantly - prepare them to keep their jobs and grow in them.

B1C offers a comprehensive array of classes. The 142-hour instruction includes individual courses or training that culminate in the achievement of any of the following credentials:

*** The B1C Culinary Diploma- Requires a total of 18 classes and workshops. Completion of all workshops and courses is necessary for this Diploma.

*** Proficiency Certificates in Specific Subjects: Successful approval of tests is necessary for particular offerings (i.e. ServSafe Food Handler, Vocational ESL, Computer)

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