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  • B1C is open to the public: Mon-Thurs 8-6 pm Frid 8-3 pm and Saturday and Sunday 8-4 pm. • B1C está abierto al público: de lunes a jueves de 8 a 6 pm, Viernes de 8 a 3 pm y sábados y domingos de 8 a 4 pm. • Ou ka jwenn repons a kesyon moun poze souvan konsènan Covid-19 isit la.
  • Webinar sou Venezyela TPS ki disponib sou entènèt

    The webinar on Venezuela TPS is available isit la. The one-hour conversation with leading immigration attorneys provided a framework for understanding the requirements for TPS, the benefits and risks of applying, and how to prepare the applications. In conjunction with the Connecticut Chapter of the American Immigration Lawyers Association and the Lower Fairfield County Immigration Collaborative, free consultations will be provided on May 22, 2021 to individuals who want to discuss their own situations with qualified immigration attorneys. Go to registration page for more information and to register for the consultations.

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