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  • Sant la se ouvè soti nan Lendi-Vandredi 9 a.m.- 4 P.M. pou ijans ak randevou SÈLMAN. • Sant la se ouvè lendi jiska vandredi soti nan 9 a.m. 4 P.M. SOLO pou ijans ak randevou. • Ou ka jwenn repons a kesyon moun poze souvan konsènan Covid-19 isit la.
  • Building One Community has recently signed on to the Stamford “Call to Action: Stamford Stands Against Racism” pledge.

    "We know that meaningful change does not come quickly or easily. As a collective, we are committed to being in this struggle for as long as it takes. We believe that our community can be a beacon for justice and a model to follow. Please join us in our fight against structural racism."

    Please see the letter written by and signed on behalf of the collective of Stamford organizations listed below. NOTE: This letter will be published in the Stamford Advocate on Sunday, June 21st.

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