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Un residente de Norwalk en riesgo de ser deportado recibe suspensión de la expulsión

Nury Chaverria, a Norwalk resident with four US citizen children, one of whom is disabled, received a stay of deportation and was able to return home. Chaverria, an undocumented US resident for 24 years, had been attending regular ICE check-ups since 2011, receiving stays of deportation each year. In June, Chaverria was told she had to board a flight by the end of July. On July 20th she instead fled to sanctuary at the Iglesia de Dios Pentecostal, a church in New Haven, to avoid deportation. Governor Malloy, Norwalk Mayor Rilling, other local governmental officials, Yale Law School and private attorneys, and the greater community rallied around the Norwalk mother. Chaverria explained her desire to stay: “If I left my country, I wouldn’t have had the same opportunities to see my daughter and my other kids. I do everything for my kids, for see them, for be with them.”

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