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Could Stamford Health’s ‘No Barriers’ be a model for future health campaigns? Its CEO thinks so

Stamford Advocate

Non Barriers Article Image

By Michael Cummo

STAMFORD — Judy Veliz was struggling to schedule an appointment to get the COVID-19 vaccine by searching online for openings nearby, so she called the Americares Free Clinic of Stamford.

The clinic is one of the partners that has been working with Stamford Health as part of a program called No Barriers. Donna Porstner, a spokesperson for Americares, said that staff at the Stamford clinic has scheduled vaccination appointments for about 300 patients through the program.

“I try to tell other people who (don’t) have the vaccine yet to do it,” said Veliz, a 46-year-old Stamford resident who is originally from Guatemala. “I just tell them that this is the only way that we can be safe.”

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