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‘A lot of people doing a little’ — Giving Day charities share successes

CT Post

FCGives 2018

By Alexander Soule

Catalina Horak is uncertain as to what factor produced a doubling of donations for her Building One Community last week on Fairfield County’s Giving Day, whether the Trump administration upping the stakes on immigration reform, or she and her staff increasing their own efforts to get the word out.

But Building One Community has more than $14,000 more in the bank today thanks to donors who gave as little as $20 each to the Stamford agency that helps steer immigrants to organizations that can help their families for any number of needs.

Held on March 1, the day before home Internet connections across southwestern Connecticut were knocked out in a nor’easter, Fairfield County’s Giving Day helped 415 nonprofits raise $1.4 million from more than 13,000 donors.

 “I think one of the things we tried to emphasize this year is that no gift is too small,” Horak said. “As a matter of fact, we created a (Twitter) hashtag that was #FCGives20 — like $20 — so that people would know they could give that amount.”
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