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To request a worker for a job, please use the form below.
You can also stop by, email [email protected] or call us at (203) 674-8585.
We can fill most requests with 3 days advance notice. For shorter availability, we are sometimes able to find workers.

The Building One Community Worker Center is open six days a week at 7:30 AM. Employers can hire skilled or unskilled workers for daily employment. We are a referral service and do not accept fees. The goal of the Worker Center is to help facilitate productive work experiences for employers and employees alike. Building One Community serves as a physical meeting place and translators are available to facilitate communication between employers and prospective workers.

Building One Community does not accept fees from employers or workers. Our services are free of charge and made possible by contributions from caring people like you who believe in the work we do together.

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  • Please describe the job and skills needed.
  • i.e. pick up/drop off at our center. Most day workers don't have transportation.
  • This helps them to bring a snack or lunch.
  • Skilled workers are generally paid a minimum of $15 per hour. Estimates by task are available.
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  • Building One Community (B1C) is a social service agency that connects people looking for work with people looking to hire. B1C is not an employment agency or the employer. By hiring workers with the support of B1C, I am assuming the role of employer, and it is my responsibility to pay any individual that I hire through this social service, whatever wage has been agreed upon to do the job, and to comply with tax and other obligations arising from such employment. My insurance (homeowner or worker's compensation) generally will be responsible for any work related injury that may arise as a result of hiring an individual through this service.